Sunday, March 24, 2013

National Youth Congress

Happy to share with you. In this time, I will share stories about my lil experience that I passed a few months ago. Good fortune favor me. I was selected as one of the delegations for National Youth Congress organized by Indonesia's Ministries of Education and Culture in 2012. More fortunate, I was one of two delegates sent by BPNST Yogyakarta (the conservation centers of historical values ​​and traditions). The Congress was held in Hotel Borobudur Indonesia, Jakarta. A classy hotel. It was first time I step my foot there. Hehe. By the way, I dont know how the selection process, actually. Certainly, youths who attended the congress were incredible youths who are dedicated to Indonesia. Honestly, at first I was a bit pessimistic and insecure with them. How could I not? I wasn't the youngest delegation indeed, but from those who are younger than me had--brought up the name of Indonesia abroad-at least. While I am?. I am a nobody. Not a girl who's smart enough. Moreover, mostly of delegates has well educated--at least--master level (from abroad anyway). Lah, me? -__-

Honestly, I was very enthusiastic and high excited about the Congress. In fact, I didn't find any difficult situation to adapt with others. I was able to offset their conversation and thoughts. Also the ideas that they convey to the forum. I enjoy being part of the Congress, very, very happy!

Indonesia NEEDS Me!!

I'm proud being Indonesia youth

The symbols. Spirit of Congress.

A Welcoming Banner placed in front of Hotel Borobudur Indonesia