Saturday, April 6, 2013

An Affair

Dear guys.. so many day has passed, I did not update my blog. Lot things happened. But, I stay here not to tell you what happened to me. I just wanna share you guys about my friend's problem. 

Fiuuh, start from here...

I'm single. I mean, I'm not married yet. So, what I share here is soooo subjective from my oppinion. Several days ago, one of my besties came to me. Shortly, she told me about her husband affair. *AFFAIR? Yea, affair. Ok, Ning...just breathing! This will be not easy, I know..*

She told me that her husband was communicated with other women through by facebook and private message. Omg. They just got married a few months ago and now my friend is pregnant. Of course, she was great shocked. I didn't know, whether did it called an affair or not. But, when I read at the conversation both the husband and the women, of course, if I were her, I would be furious. How easily, the meaning of sacred marriage exchanged with affectionate words in cyberspace! WTHOfThat!

I didn't know how others opinions, but for me, marriage is sacred! And it were unacceptably if married man, or married women, sent a intimate text, or comments on facebook or other social media. I think, it proceed to stage an real affair! Bye.

Note for Us:
"It's hard to trust someone the second time around after they already gave you one reason not to trust them."
So, If you trusted by someone you love, don't hurt someone you love by silly thing!