Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dressing Well, Makeup Well

A few moments later I learned lot about make-up by one of my besties. I could say if I was not good at dressing up. Really. Even for mix and matching clothing I took quite a while. Such time, I taught by my besties to dress-up and make-up well. And it was very helpful. Although, so far I have not been proficient using make-up equipment. I was just trying to look good and nice to look at. The key, not excessive. Just be my self. My comfy.

Office look and Hijab style. Simple but elegant.

On some event, hit-color-and-motif, is not a problem. As if as it's confident and comfortable to wear. Don't too much. If you don't want suspected as plagiarized lady gaga later :p

Suit your hijab color with your outfit color  for formal event. Then suit to the accessories you have. Anyway, choose long dress to make you look taller :p

Shocking pink (or other bright color, like yellow, etc.) can make you more cheerful. Wear it for hang out. Mix with a tin make up.

For certain formal events (like weddings, etc.), I wear hijab which look more glamorous. For you who wear hijab, mix kebaya with stack-hijab-style (tumpuk). And hit-color is not matter in this case. THE KEY: DO NOT TOO

Mix the 'muted colors' (beige colors or what..) with accessories such energetic glasses.

Nah, these, I wear turban hijab style for hangout. I mix with scraft to covering my neck. And don't forget put glasses to sweeten your look. :)

This is my daily look. Anyway, the hijab style is my own creations. I called it Bening-able-style :p

I love this hijab motif (batik scraft), it made with batik-jumputan technique, looks more "crowded". For some formal event (meeting, etc.), apply your make-up focus on the eyes. I mix my "crowded" hijab with a floral blouse.

Taraa.. for this formal look, I wear velvet materials for glamorous look. The hijab used braid syle with its stack headband. And add your look by "Selendang" (shawl).

That's some of my looks, hopefully inspiring. Salam. :)