Monday, May 13, 2013

Hectic Era

I think, in a modern life, the third person in a relationship is gadget and media social.  
Have you ever talked to your partner, while they look hectic with their gadget? Or even when you're talking serious, they're more focused to reply coming tweets in their social media? Come on guys! This often happens to most couples. Have you ever thought about your partner's feelings? For some hectic people, they melt the limits of cyber world with real world. And the reason? They rarely have spare time for interacting to other people in a real world. Simple.   

However, everyone has a tendency to exist in the social world, and one of the most practical ways in this modern era is through the cyber media. Finally, everyone has a tendency to be selfish with her/his self​​. At this point, all we need is control. A mind set, that we live in (and) for the real world.