Thursday, May 16, 2013

I've Became Pickpocket Victim

Yesterday really an unfortunate day for me. I had pickpocketing incident when I traveled back from Yogyakarta City by public transportation (city bus *it's not Trans Jogja, anyway). Okee...maybe some of you had these experience too, but for me it was quite unbelievable, because it was the third time I've been a victim of pickpocketing in Yogyakarta city bus. *sounds pretty stupid, right?!*

Moreover in the first time incident, I've been pushed down from the bus (when bus still run), could you imagine that? I've got pain and lost my property.

Really, for you who like traveling, I remind you to always be careful with your baggage if you don't want to have same incident. I admit it, Yogyakarta city bus more hazardous than Surabaya or Malang city bus.  
Beware, if you travel by Jogja city bus on route number 4, 15, 2, and 7!