Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Don't Panic!

"Please don't be a panic person!"

That's the phrase that I often heard from some people to me. My mom, my brother, my man, my friend, and last, I heard from my cousin. They said, I'm an easy person to panic. I'm so panic eventhough in little things. Actually, they said, without panic I could take other way easily. I don't feel I'm a panic person, or--I don't ever feel. Whatever. But after I passed the night at my cousin, finally I realized, yes, I'm easy to panic, even in the situation that I could go through with a clear mind, actually. 

Yesterday I spent the night at cousin's house. Foolishly, I took the wrong busway. Okaay.. it began my panic. My cousin phone me and said: "Wait there. Do not go anywhere! Lemme pick you there."

And I wanted to cry when he came. Quietly, he regaled me with flat jokes: "It definitely yes, you fall asleep during the trip, uh?". Nope. It was not like that. I denied it. But inside I was thought "I'm not fall asleep. I'm just not concentrating". And in fact, it was true, I did not FOCUS, indeed. Bleh! How many times I took the wrong transportation. From pedicab, own motorcycle, bus, train, (fortunately, THANK God that I've never had the wrong plane) -__-

I'm type person with a short memory. Indeed, it was one my weaknesses. So far I just haddle by notebook. I wrote down the details before traveling, or when I made an appointment with someone. What should I bring, what should I do, which route that should I passed, etc. These all coped my nerves when considering something. But, when all happened beyond expectations of what I wrote, that was another story. My panic came immediately. When I felt no one can count on, I just stuck. I tried to calm down. However, so far, what happened was excessive panic. Then I began to call people who can count on. Really a shame! :'(

When I reached cousin's house​​, either because of my fatigue along the way, or because it was already sleepy, I fell asleep on the floor mattress. The funny thing, in middle of slept, I woke up because my cousin covers me with blanket (like mother to her child), he even pair pillow for my head. The morning, when I woke up, I felt shame considering my silliness. He said: "See, If I didn't come, you might have fainted because your panic, uh? Till you fell asleep on the floor overnight. I did not have the heart to wake you up, sorry. You looked so tired". OMG, it seems, I need shopping bag to cover my embarrassment.