Friday, July 26, 2013

Hijab Tutorial: Formal Elegant

Goede middag allemaal!

So excited to meet you again. It been sooooo long we didn't meet on this blog. Really. I'm so sorry for that. I was kinda busy with ma jobs. Also a days ago, we just held an event--you named it "yasinan", or something--for ma deceased father

Because the moment coincides with Ramadan, so I write about fashion. Tips. And ofcourse tutorial hijab. I could say that this tutorial I took from 

This tutorial actually a bit similar to the tutorial that I've posted before in: Tutorial Hijab for Wedding Party
Just a little touch and simple. Try it :)


  • You should wear at least 2 headband (different motifs), better wear different materials too (for example, brocade headband).
  • Pastel colors are now become trend color of Muslim fashion I guess (in Indonesia, pastel colors currently being on top of Muslim fashion trend color, it beat caftan colors--which tends flashy and became trend years ago--BUT NOW ladies prefer like muted colors, symbol of soft, cheer, and maturity. So you should try to mix and match what is in your closet.


  • This tutorial a bit complicated, especially for beginners. Needed more steps and more pins. In this video, the model took chiffon pashmina and glitter pashmina. But, if you don't have glitter pashmina, you can choose chiffon of both. (the purpose to make "fall" hijab look)

  • Scalloped style can make your look more elegant. If this tutorial seemed difficult to apply, you could try scalloped style with your pashmina. Just a touch and simple, believe me! :)

Ok ladies.. good luck to try! :)