Friday, July 12, 2013

How Old Are You?

Dear the readers,

Hopefully when ya all reading this post, there is no one felt this is a funny thing. That's all. Thank you. (-____-)

The story begin, I met two of my cousins ago (one of them Najla, remember? And the other one just call her, Ven).
We very rarely met. Shortly, I met Ven in a family gathering. FYI, she's 16 years old. She's a little fussy, she asking me this and that (by what we came up, etc), whatever. And I'm not interested anyway. This young girl told me about her school exams that blah-blah-blah... Then, and this is the most important convo between us, and I think very NOT INTERESTING:

Ven : "I have not slept all night here." (and I think this girl needs empathy from others)
Me : "Oh, why? Is in your room lot of mosquitoes?" (I try to please her, give her of my fake empathy, bssssshhh :3 )
Ven : "Actually, nope..." 
Me : "So, is there no air conditioning?"
Ven : "Isn't so.. I play laptop 'til morning. Fairly, free WIFI access here." (She give me her BIG smile). 

And OMG... WHY SHOULD I CARE YOUR LIFE, LADY??! The matter you can sleep or not, eat it yourself! She is a sweet girl actually, but she's too over confident... act like her close to me. Omg. Omg. Our conversation is pretty sickening, from the first. Then, she asked me again:

Ven : "Oh yeah, and by the way...what class are you by now, uh?"
Me : (Try not to shock) "Oh.. I've graduated." (I said calmly).
Ven : "Oh, so, where you go to college now?" (She asked me again, with her sucks face).
OH...MAAIGAAWDD!! Okay, now I try to smile. I give her my BEST smile.
Me : "Ven, do you know, at our family, just you that rarely gathered with our cousins?"
Ven"Yeah I do. I'm very busy ya know.. and if our family gathering every year, I chose to sleep at home. I did not go anywhere. hehehe.."
Me : "Oh..that's GOOD." (FLAT smile)

So, you better fix yourself first, young girl... I mean, only you, the only cousin who ask stupid things like that to me. I'm not interested in convo again. Then I leave her. But, before I leave, I give her smash:

Me : "By the way, Ven... I'm 25 years old. And you should call me "Mbak", because I'm older than you. I've graduated from college too. And I've worked."
You, EAT that!


And second story, come from my cousin, Najla. (She had mentioned in previous post). She's 11 years old. She's in elementary school. But her body is too big. So I look so small nearby. But Najla is not my close cousin, she is outside-cousin. So, if she does not know much about me, it is reasonable.

Shortly, we went to a place, where I had to leave the goods at daycare. And I had to leave my identity card at the daycare.

The steward : "Okay Miss, leave your identity card please, and I will exchange with your locker card."
Me : "Yes.. Can I give you any identity card?" (I'm looking for identity cards in my bag, and Najla just looked me).
The steward : "You should leave the KTP (Indonesia Citizen ID Card), Miss." 
Me : "Ok, here you go..." (I handed my ID card to the steward)

Aaaannnddd.... Here we go, the silly convo by Najla and the steward...

Najla : "HAH? YOU HAVE ID CARD, SIST???" (She shouted to me with Sundanese accent)
Me : "Hah??" *gawk*
Najla : "DO YOU ALREADY 17 YEARS OLD, SIST?" (She shouted to me with her innocent face)
Me : "Ah??" *I'm confused about how and what to answer* 

FYI, in Indonesia, people who already 17 years-to over, should have a Indonesia Citizen Identity Card, it called KTP. And, what does Najla think about me?..............  I'm doubt if.........

Najla : "Why do you already have KTP, sist?"
The steward : "Because your sister already old, dear" (^__^) *sweetface*
Najla : "Really? How old are you, sist?? How old?? Are you 19 years old??" *enthusiastic*
Me : *stay calm and thinking: is like that I look young? Or look like kids? O.H.M.Y.B.I.G.N.O.*
The steward : "You're right, dear. Your sister is in college, so she have an ID Card." (^__^)
Me: *gawk* *WHAT? Oh, Mrs, look at my ID Card. Please. Look at that. There is written my status and my job.*

So, What Najla thinking during this time? Poor me...............  (-_____-'')