Thursday, July 11, 2013

Party The Weeks

Hallo there! ... in this post, I wanna share my photos holiday with my siblings, enjoy! :)

Lunch traditional food, Pecel Madiun.
My siblings In Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), West Sumatra pavilion

On Skylift, TMII

Birds park, TMII (Left: my cousin, Najla. She's in elementary school. Can you believe? :O)

Pose in front of PP-IPTEK (Science and Technology Museum), TMII
Aww, help me!

Hoaa.. with Tyrex

Schmutzer, Ragunan (Anyway, I look so small compared them ~,,~ )

We ride "Odong-Odong" to surround Ragunan Zoo, just 3500 rupiah per each, cheap :)

Seeing Kimi, the old gorilla in Schmutzer

Do you know which one is Gorilla? :D

Whether I as smart as Orangutan ? :D

The lovely siblings!

Enjoy traditional food, Kupat Tahu Magelang
Monas (Monumen Nasional) (There, noone believe I'm the oldest :/ )

In front of Monas, but the gold on the top clipped :(

Enjoy Kerak telor (egg crust), Betawi (Jakarta traditional) food

Ashar in Istiqlal Mosque, subhanallah.. beautiful.

Eat and eat. At Hokben, Gambir Station,
With my cousin, Ajeng, in Ancol (She's bigger than me :'( omg, I look so tiny )

The three musketeers :p
We queued for Hysteria over 2 hours! OMG! :O (Hysteria--the thrower, Dufan, Ancol)

Aiih, pretty sakura :)
I'm scareeed :|
Duo Chubby :p
Front of Tornado
Pose on Motorcycle, Jakarta Fair
With duo Jakarta Leader, Jokowi-Ahok
In Puncak, Bogor (There's very cold, I think like in Cemoro Sewu or Cemoro Kandang in Tawangmangu, Lawu Mountain, near my house)
Back to home by night-train, Argo Lawu from Gambir station. Huuff looks like I gonna sleep tigh :D

That's some of our photos. We enjoy everything. Hot air, pollution, traffic jam (which we rarely meet in Solo of course, hehe :p ). See ya again in my next post! :)