Monday, July 8, 2013

Pop Up With The Camera

One, two, three.....say "cheeeeeseeeee".........!

After suffering a tough phase in a few weeks ago, I took my lil brother and sister on vacation. At least, in order to keep their minds more fresh. Incidentally, they also off of school for 3 weeks. Jakarta became our destination.*What? Jakarta? With its traffic and pollution? Okay.. it's a blunder anyway* *sigh*

In fact, just a few months ago I had to Jakarta. Perhaps, almost trip lists "seeded" in Jakarta, I've attended. However, did not so with my lil brother and sister. Here it is, the things that--may sometimes--forgotten by us, I mean, especially by me. We often please ourselves, after had successful career and established in big city(everywhere), enjoyed hedonistic world, enjoyed the comfort of our ego. And, forgetting things nearby, like our family. Right?

We often eat at nice and expensive restaurants, shopping at big and modern malls, enjoy a cup of coffee at famous taverns, recreation to the well-known entertainment venues ....etc. Have you ever invite family? Dad, mom, brother and sister? I guess, it must have been veeeeery rare. We prefer to spend the time to hang out with friends, colleagues, and of course our couple ...

Including me. Now, as my father was not here, in the world I mean, I realized the importance of quality time with family. Too late, isn't it? People says better late than never. So, here's my chance please my siblings. Though Jakarta is not "right" choice for vacation, but we still enjoy. Such the jargon, "Enjoy Jakarta". I really dunno understand, enjoy the jam? Enjoy the pollution? Maybe it's really mean... Whatever.

We went to Monas (of course), Schmutzer, Jakarta Fair, Ancol, Istiqlal, and others. We also stopped by in Bogor and Cianjur, enjoyed the air of Puncak too. We enjoyed traditional food at the venues (taoge goreng and kerak telor of course) and modern food at mall.

We were enjoy everything... hot, tired, stuck ... fffuuuh. Until my typhus relapsed (up to now).

Next, I would post some photos and stories we were excitement. See ya :)