Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Honeycomb Topper Cake

I love July! Not only because it's coincides with The Ramadhan, but more because my birthday month. Yea! 10th July for me, and 11th July for my man. Cute, isn't it? :) We often celebrating our birthday together

Such last night. My man came and gave a small surprise He brought me beautiful cupcakes, umm I mean, more precisely, for us. Due this year coincides with beginning of Ramadan, he came after Tarawih prayer. And I had fell asleep (-___-). 

We feel very blessed, because our birthday coincides with Ramadan (even, the first day of Ramadan in this year). I hope this Ramadan bring grace and goodness to us. Aamiin Yaa Rabbul'alamiin.