Saturday, July 27, 2013

What Things Keep You Cool in The Summer Heat

Yes! The answer is.....................GO ON VACATION to mountain. Like what I did, relieve fatigue of all routine activities. Holiday with family was a choice. Our destination, of course, a place that had cool air. 

Wif ma sister, Rahma

Brothers, sisters.. we enjoyed Sate Landak and Sate Kelinci here

Ma big sister bought fresh orange to make lemonade

We also bought fresh plant

Enjoyed the cool air, enjoyed the mist that down suddenly... 

Enjoyed culinary (Sate Landak = Sate that made from Hedgehog meat ; Sate Kelinci = Sate that made from Rabbit meat)... *I suggested you should try Sate Landak first if you have not eat the meat yet!*

Bought for fresh fruits, bought fresh vegetables, and bought fresh plants...

We did not need to turn on the AC all the way, because if you open car window, you can enjoyed the fresh air and it was free. Breath of cool and fresh air on our faces. What a healthy therapy.