Monday, August 26, 2013

Run The Day

Tired. It was the right word to describe my day on yesterday. I did estafet in four different locations in one day. Really busy day! Two events were my two best friends wedding. The next event was gathering with my boo friend, and another event was relative's funeral. Fiuuuhhh!

First, one of ma besties, Nana. She married to soldier

Left-Right: Nonik, Nana and Me.

After then, I hanging out with my buddies. Seriously, I'm very happy, finally we get along like this again. The five of us, named "red ants friendship". One of us, Dita get married. So, four of us are still single and I was the only woman in the group. They are my very-berry-best friend since we were in high school. We grew up together, sharing sense of affection together. And soooo many things I cannot mention one by one.

Left to right: Ari Bas a.k.a "Crongoh", Me, Beny a.k.a bendot, and Fuad a.k.a "DJ" (minus Dita)

We called our friendship as "The Red Ants"

However, they were the closest men who grew up with me. I love them all, and vice versa.

Then, this is the most poignant event. Dita weddings. There, I met Nur, one of my closest friend again, we lived together in Jogja for about 5 years. Happy and sad experiences we had together. And next 2 months, she will marry. I feel lonely :'(

Left-Right: Nur, Me, Dita. The besties.