Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Day + 1 : After Idul Fitri 1434 H

Usually, the tradition in Idul Fitri Day +1 that we do is gathering with our Trah Family (Trah in Java language, interpreted in English as clan, breeds, or dynasty). In that day, we gathering with our big family from grandma. Incidentally, from our great-grandma lineage, we still have blood-descendant of Mangkunegaran, it's called Trah Kadilangu. From this Trah, lot of ancestors who became district leader in their era. For examples, Wedhana position (now refers to Bupati, or The Mayor City), Kepala Desa  position (now refers to Lurah or The Mayor Village. Including eyang kakung (grandpa) who built Ndalem Martanan, he served as Kepala Desa for 29 years. He was so loved and respected by the citizens. Therefore, he taught me so disciplined in that era. Total whole great family from our grandparents there are 50 more people. So, could you imagine if we get together in Ndalem Martanan in the day of Eid? So crowded. Especially when we gathering with Trah Kadilangu. We barely not know one by one personally, Omg! ~~

with my siters, our outfit code: Candy Tone, hijab style by: me.

Smile! :)
The color of outfit: Candy-Tone-Gradation

Me. Lintang. Mommy!

Rahma. Me.

Hijab style creative by me.

Right: She's my lil cousin named Canthas. She's so cute :)