Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Day + 2 : After Idul Fitri 1434 H

Tradition we used to do in Idul Fitri Day + 2  is gathering with the family from grandpa lineage. Our great-grandfather came from farmers, but he is not ordinary farmer. He was a Empu (master) of wheelwright carriage to Keraton (The Royal) in his era. He is also high-wisdom person. But no specific story and obvious resources to the Trah, because grandpa was a quiet person. He almost never mentions about his family, it's different from story of grandma's family, which almost everyone in our district knows that they came from aristocratic family. My grandpa was never disputed royal-blood or not, for him, he lived and served for the citizens. We, his children and grandchildren, are also taught to get along living in community with modesty, courtesy and wisdom. And grandpa taught us everything about local wisdom, not about something that too high-class. He said, "Something that too-high will kill you slowly. So, keep humble!"

Lintang, my lovely lil sist

My sis, Rahma, lot people says that we have similiar face and smile :)

Her name Titis, my cousin. She was 25 old too, and FYI, we both still single *noted* :p

Lovely mom, me and my lil sist.

Left: My cousin named Hanum, she is Titis's big sist. She will marry soon :)