Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Items Must You Have (for Newbie Hijabers)

Assalamu'alaikum, gals..

Below, the list that must be prepared for the beginner hijabers:

1. Hijab.  Obviously, when you decide to wear hijab, then you should have collection of hijab. Nowadays, you can easily buy hijab with variety of colors, patterns and materials type. Tips: hijab does not have to be expensive, adjust with the budget you have. Choose hijab with comfortable material to used and absorb the sweat. Ex: paris drapery. 

paris drapery

2.  Inner.  You should have inner like "ciput ninja/ciput maroko" (with zippers or strings behind) and "ciput arab" with variety colors and materials. Tips: choose inner with comfortable materials that does not make you dizzy when you wear it.

inner arab

inner ninja/inner maroko

2.  Top.  Buy tops with variety of models. So, you can mix and match your top with the hijab. But the most important things, it MUST cover your aurat. Tips: Do not wear clothes that too tight.

3.  Maxi Skirt. Wearing skirt makes you more elegant and polite. Mix with your top and hijab. Tips: Maxi skirt can be a good choice for an elegant and charming look.

maxi skirt

4.  Loose Pants. This is also one items you should have. Select material which makes "falling" impression (preferably not from jersey material). Tips: Match loose pants with stilettos or wedges.

loose pants

5.  Accessories.   Like: brooches, pins, headbands, necklaces, etc. Tips: If your hijab and cloths were too crowded, you does not need to wear excessive accessories.




Well, for you beginners guys, good luck. One note, today many hijab tutorials you can get from many sources like internet, magazines, television, etc.. but the most important is, hijab is not just fashion. do not be a fashion victim. Adjust by yourself. Do not too much with your look. Just be your self, be you.

Salam! :)