Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hospital Again, Probo Again!

Hospital? Yes, there must be our family member were stay at dr.Oen Hospital Solo again. My little brother, had to be cared for 8 days there. The word of "hospital" is not really a "thing" that makes me not "comfortable". Because, I think it is one hospital that very very comfortable in their service and atmosphere. But, just my feeling was the one which made ​​me into uncomfortable. Starting from my grandma, then my grandpa, my aunt, and the last one was my father .. all died in dr.Oen. My father had just died a few months ago, so could you imagine that, how my feelings and trauma were still there ...

The worse, my lil brother occupied the VIP room that used by my father, when he first entered the hospital. And the more worse, after my lil brother moved to another VIP room, he actually occupied the room that next to the room where my aunt died. Omg :'(
Sense of injury, grief, and trauma in that room was still here till this day.

I am grateful, my little brother has recovered from his illness now. Hopefully there are no more family who should stay in the hospital :')

Sad, to seeing him so weak and  get high fever :'(

So sad when I had to see my little brother had many times blood taken.

We turn came to the hospital, to encouraged him.

including, his girlfriend who faithfully came to visit at any time. (the girls who wore gray hijab)

When his condition has improved, the thing he wanted to do was: playing online games -__-

He is the most stubborn patient, I think -__-