Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Dawn Attack: Part 2

Hallo. Here again I would like to share story with you. Still related with politics and my previous post The Dawn Attack
In my previous post, I told about dawn attack related with media. This time, it's still about dawn attack, but in the form of "money politics" or so-called "flying-envelope". The incident happened last night, I encountered alone with my eyes. You still remember, isn't it? in my neighborhood, there are some actors who became successful team for one Mayor City candidate? And the incident is still related to the actors. The story, this actors asked our secretary to make invitation letter addressed to around 15 people, consists of some public figures in my neighborhood. And incidentally, my brother is one of the figures who were invited. To our secretary, this actor said that the purpose of that event (which took place at his house anyway) just for gathering. Gathering? Who believe it?! Give me a break... we all know that this actor had cheated us through covert campaign, then, could we believe the mean of that event? C'mon, even a child could laugh for no logical reason of this actor

And sure enough, this actor mentions some main reasons why he invited people to come in his house, certainly without no purpose. And he said clearly what his purpose. He distributed envelopes filled with cash money to all those present. He claimed the money was coming from his personal money. He claimed because of his love for one candidates, he willingly gave away his money, in orderto make  people give their vote for the candidate. He even claimed that amount of money that he spent are less than his love for the candidate. What a tricky!!