Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Dawn Attack: Part 3

Hi all!
Our regional elections held earlier today, I have chosen the right candidate according his credibility, according to my conscience. Without coercion, without pressure. Although, I could say, this day has been marred by person who tried to do "money politics" immediately before the election. If you don't believe me, please, come to my area, location where I live, and ask to the other witnesses. I could have reported this to the Supervisory Committee in our area, but.. well, anyway, finally been officially announced that the candidates who doing "money politics" is lost. Early in the morning, messengers of the candidate's campaign team, come to my house.. she gave me money 20 thousand rupiah (cm 3 pieces), and I was pressed to choose candidate "P", she even showed me the list of family who were given that "hot" money. I was not slander, I talk facts, it was "an open secret" in neighborhood where I live. It's just that, people prefer to be silent. Almost all people who live in my neighborhood got the money. The amount varies, there are 20 thousands rupiah, there are 50 thousand rupiah, there is also a 100 thousand rupiah per each.
Fortunately, at that time I was at home with my sister, Rahma, so you can ask her as a witness too.

Here's the "money"... It's all "WEIRD"