Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's In Your Bag?

You love to carry your bags while you go? Both women and men, must always carry a bag when they go away. Many kinds of bag for women, like tote bag, hobo bag, clutch, satchel bag, pouch, duffel bag, travel bag, etc. There are also several kinds of bags for men, such as backpack, messenger bag, briefcase, travel bag, etc. Whatever type of bag, choose bag which is convenient when you are traveling, and adjust your bag with your agenda.

And the most importantly, what's in your bag? :)

For each person, contents of the bag is reflection of personal. Certainly, contents of the bag is different from one person to another. As an example, the contents of my tote bag ... are the things that soooo close to me every day, anywhere, anytime, this is the "mandatory" stuff that should be in my bag! :)

The stuff. Mandatory stuff :p

1. Wallet
2. Pouch for handphone and identity card
3. Coin's purse
4. Flashdisk
5. Pen
6. Charger
7. Lipstick
8. Face powder
9. Gel Eyeliner
10. Parfum
11. Spray cologne
12. Headset
13. Pins or Brooch
14. Hand sanitizer
15 Glasses
So, what's in your bag? :)