Sunday, December 22, 2013


Maybe he is not romantic ones. But haha, i really dont know why I feel comfort beside him. He is also not good at being funny at all. But yes haha I always laugh at that crispy joke :p He's also not very good at arranging words when we talk. But I am surely want to hear even just "Hi" words from him, everyday. But really, he touched my heart when he's arranging these words for me:

i love my honey very much
she is my sweetheart
she is mine
and i am hers
i will make you mine if possible
i want to be yours too 


And, he also tauched my heart even while he told the unromantic and silly words like these :p

i have a girl in my heart 
she is stupid
hard working
family girl
loves her brothers and sisters
she is my honey 

Hahaha, crazy. Thank you honey! :)