Sunday, December 15, 2013

For The GOD Sake, I've Chatted With LENA PARK!!! :D

2 days ago, I was not in good mood. My body bit unwell too. Bhev was busy with his exam, and so did with Andrew which busy with his project for UNDP. My troath was bit hoarse, I tought I would get flu. Ok, I was tooooo bored! I was not in my mood to talk with any clients too. Only talked bit with Naviin about sport and draw project. More over that, just in bored day!

Even though I promised Bhev that I would not too often chat on omegle. It turned out, I visited there. Ya, met lots of bad guys, whatever. Without I supposed, I met with female there. She told me she was 23 years old from South Korea. She appeared suddenly. We talked lots, and finally, she told me her name: LENA PARK. Wait... *It seemed I ever heard the name*

After we talked lots, Lena gave me some link, she told me that she had many video on youtube. She was singer anyway. Okay... First, I still have not realized what and who. She gave me this link:

 And she told me she has 8 albums. One song that she love was this: seemed like, I recognize this face.. But WHO? and WHERE?... whatever. I still chatted with her, we talked lots again, about Indonesian food and others. Til, she told me: "Wait...I have something for you :) you must see this and tell me ur opinion". Haha, ok...she gave me one link again:

And...............guess what?

SHE IS PARK JUNG HYUN!! OMG!! She also known as LENA PARK!! A famous singer from South Korea. WHAT A LUCKY DAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

I just told her: "OMG LENAAAA, u make my day!! Ur voice is soooooooo VOILAAA!!! :D"

I wont asked her about her contact or what else. You know, she talked lot with me, its more than enough to made my day! :) Omg, thank you Lena, thanks for our nice chatted :)
If you want to know about her, just search her name on google, and you will find her: Lena Park / Park Jung Hyun. 
Bye :)