Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is Love Never Hates?

The wisdom words says “You can't truly hate someone until you've cared about them. Until you've loved them.” 

Talk about love, again and again. Omg. Why I became so-super-duper-maximum-melodramatic-mode-activated in these few days? Who's in charge for all what happen to me, please?! Damn. I just like being in a circle which spins but stand still like a rock. Fake. You know about being fragile? Fragility is when you find yourself get into a sense what you called "love". Even if you are cry and hurt by love, you can't hate. I suggest, if you want to hate someone, don't ever fall in love with him/her. That's really bad choice if you are love to hate someone. 

Is love never hates? 

Sometimes, you might feel upset by people you loved. Unreasonably. Even you cry whole night because the one you loved, or even you get stuck with your heart and mind only on that circle. But it's not hate. You only feel upset. Hate is only hate. I don't know it was possible to simultaneously hate and ache for someone. Jealous, upset, sad, lonely, blame, that's not hate. No matter how powerful the hate, there is always a little love left, underneath. Yes. Horrible, isn't it? That's why, I suggest you, don't love for hate. Lol.