Monday, December 30, 2013

Leven Four Cheerleading

Hi readers! Now, i want to share to you about my little sister Lintang with her activities. I think Lintang is an active girl-type of person. She got on many hobbies. Sometimes she just looks like other girls at her age,but  sometimes she also doing what boys often does. Can you imagine how if a girl have to jump from pole to another pole? Can you imagine how if a girl flying and split at the same time in the air? Ya, that's all what my little sister did. She is an athlete of gymnastic and also a cheerleader. She also take care much for her grade education. Sometimes I can feel tired just by seeing what Lintang does in a day. Haha. Lol. As her old sister of course what can I do is only support and pray for whatever she get into. People says: "To be the best, the greater sacrifice required also". Ya, that's true. She practice hard everyday, I say hard, in the true meaning. She ever fell down from the top when she did flying motion. Her head hit the ground then she fainted. Her team brought her to the hospital for checked up. That was terrible thing. Really. She had to take rest for 2 days. Lintang is an athlete of gymnastic, so she has good basic motion to be a cheers. That's why she trusted to be on top of pyramid formation by her team. The team named "Leven Four Cheerleading" as known as LFC. They also got into camp for national cheerleading for many times. I am proud for what she does. And here, I want to share some picts and videos that I took when LFC were in action, cekidot!

When they were in action at gymnasium launching, but the end of formation, one of Lintang partner couldn't lift her up, so it was bad ending anyway :p

And this also, when they were in action at our Major District's house :

And these are the pictures, if you want to see Lintang, she was on the top formation:

These also when they were at Champ of National Cheerleading:

Lintang got her medal at Cheerleading Champ :)

Split up

And here they were at Major District's house:

And still many pictures here, but I cant upload one by one :p
One thing for sure, after daddy died, Lintang more independent now, and I am proud of her. 
I love you dear! :*