Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Perfection? What?

This post due to my last post Am I With The Right Partner?

Yesterday, I was happy, finally Bhev came after lost in these 3 few days :p I was really happy, and I meant it. We talked tho it was too less, but it made my day. He knew I missing him so much. A day taste like three autumns for me. Lol. Maybe you should say I am joking or fool and hyperbole whatever. But that was true. I did not know and never thought it could be like this. Like what uh? Just guess by your self. Back to story. Bhev told me something words that made me think about it in a whole night. He told me: "I am not perfect  honey". That's more than enough for a perfect words! Nobody's perfect. God The One and Only. Everybody knew that. Or less knew. If somebody told me they are not perfect,'s with me? What word which worthy for me then? I am not good people also. NOT GOOD AT ALL. What standar to call somebody perfect or not? Whether good or not what she/he left behind. When we consider the issue of being a perfectionist, some might wonder: "Does driving for perfection lead to the death of one’s self or one’s true self?". Perfectionism in professionals can also negatively affect those around them (work never meets expectations, bottlenecks in getting things done, unattainable standards). For me, trying to be perfect is just a waste of time. It could cause you to work harder than necessary and still do a bad job. Remember, if we trying to be perfect, it can be tiresome.

Perfection what? 

Talk about perfection, make me think these: "Am I perfect for my partner?". People says: follow your heart. Sorry, follow my what, uh? Sometimes, I have to be brave. I know I am worthy enough to be loved. Tho the fact is, i never know, how much my partner loves me back. Then, if I asking him: "How much you love me?", isn't that too hyperbole or maybe too klise? I am telling my self : "You are not teenagers, hellooo!". But, then I think perfection is could be there if you accept your partner for who she/he really are. No matter what, no matter how. If you think you are not perfect, what kind of matter that make you think like that? You should share with your partner, what you left behind. What did you hide as your past. If she/he take care you lot, they will accept you for who you really are. And that's not easy thing. Maybe someone no need time to accept somebody's past, and maybe vice versa, they need long time to accept it. it depends on their personal.

Well, I wont say much. One thing i want to say here, that I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my partner now, I thankful for my besties who still around me, i am thankful for everything i have. Life, love, chance, brain, religion, health, food, money (tho not much :p), etc. Thank GOD and thank to the universe!
Just thanks!