Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Too Sweet Too Classy For Us -____-

Hi readers! I forgot to post this one, let me share tho was too late :p

One day, I went with one of my besties, Ncud. We went shopping and late lunch. We hunt new culinary which we never tried before at Solo City. Then, after satisfied our shopping desire, we decide to one caffee at Keprabon. Keprabon as known as culinary place also. There sold many Nasi Liwet, an Indonesian traditional food from Solo City. It combined by steam rice, chicken, areh (coconut cream), krecek, etc. You should come there if you wanna try. It's delicious!

But, we went there not hunt for Nasi Liwet anyway, we went there and tried a sweet small nice caffee named "P!NG". The decorations was simple but classy. Here you could see the couples sitting opposite each other. But there are also many families who visited to enjoy pancakes or some ice cream. We laughed lot, talked lot, ate lot... but then, we noticed some "strange" thing here. Hellooooo... We didn't know why, we thought it's too sweet and too classy for us. "Two-very-single-gals-here". The nice moment, the sweet songs, the romantic lights. Oh, whatever! -________-

the logos of caffee here

Jumbo bottle

My lunch menus: rice with chicken teriyaki sauce

The highfive pancakes

Look my squash cocktails punch. Bigger than me :D

Ncud with his lynchburg lemonade. Anyway, she also helped me to drank my cocktail well. Haha.