Monday, December 9, 2013

What Friend Are For *Andrew Style*

Your tears is pearl drops to me, dont waste your tears...
You know, you are such a wonderful sweet lovely girl.
I am and I will always proud of you
No matter what, you are and you will be always in my heart
Always remember one thing:
YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I am with you
Share with me every problem of yours
I will try my best to solve it.
Whether personal or not, share with me everything.
You know,
Yes, sometimes people need to cry. That's right.
But, crying never solve a prob.
We have to do something to solve it.

If sometimes, you feel you are fragille,
Think that: There're still people who LOVE and TAKE CARE of you.
Like me. Like your family.
That love give you strength to move on.
Any guy will be lucky to get you as a wife, didn't you know?

So, you have to be STRONG from now.
Crying is not a solution
Accept all which make you happy.
Reject all that make you sad.
And IGNORE all comments.
People DONT know you.
From now,
If you have a big water tank in your eyes,
Next time I will send a bucket,
You know why?
Your tears can bring tsunami... hahaha.
GOD sent you to me, and I am thankful caused that.
Your words always give me power.