Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Gift

How happy I was yesterday.. without I realized, my old brother gave me a beautiful gift. Initially, I was curious when he wear a silver beautiful necklace and he save it on his room. Tho, I seem like close to my brother, but actually, I was afraid of him inside. Since I was child, I close to all of my old brothers. They taugh me everything that boys did. The thing that made me afraid was they protected me so much. But I knew, it's better for me. And I knew they also love me lots. Back to story. Yesterday morning, my brother gave a gift for me, without package. He gave me a necklace. Beautiful simple necklace. Oh my God. Haha, I want to cried then. He told me, he want to gave it to his GF, but he gave to me first. He will give his gf the new one. The necklace as same as my brother wear also. It made from silver. It has a clearly pendant, like a tear pouch, so clearly. I love it. Really. Haha, I want to hugged him but he was embrassed.