Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Smash That Attack Me Down

A friend come to me. He asking everything about me. Like usual, I answer him back.

A: Will you want to gamble with me? But the only one bet is your heart.
Me: Ha? Joking!
A: Am I look like rambling? Nope.
Me: Why should my heart?
A: I dunno, whether the spider had built its nest in your heart or not.
Me: Means?
A: If I answer it in my heart, will you hear that?
Me: You think I am a psychic?
A: More that that. Because you can complete my sentence as always. It looks like you could read my mind.
Me: Impossible. Dont watch cinema too much!
A: Look, your face!
Me: What's wrong with my face?
A: Sometimes when I saw at your face, I'm afraid I was not professional enough to be your friend.
Me: Ha? That's the kind of expression, prayer, or hope?
A: Hahaha, I dunno, there's kind of hope in expression.
Me: I don't understand. What it looks like?
A: Exactly, it's kind of feeling. Something makes us think irrationaly sometimes.
Me: That's why I told you, don't watch cinema too much!
A: I'm not passionate enough for that thing.
Me: Impossible, look that fact, you are good at arranging words now.
A: Say that you're interested in me.
Me: Hahahaha. Joking! Nope!
A: You are given the right weakness by The God, which makes me always want to curious you more. Really.
Me: If that so, stop talking to me with your heart. Just talk to me with your rational mind. Please.
A: I've tried, but I just choose not to be a loser. That's why...

Then I turned to him. I see there are misleading twinkle on his eyes.  
Then I looked again. Now I see there are great wall, of camouflage.
I can't understand whether he talk to me as a friend or another...