Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Bahasa Kalbu" Dictionary

X: Will you write something for me?
Y: No. I wont.
X: Why?
Y: Don't u remember, last day when I wrote something for you, and then we have fought til night.
X: Ha? Hahahaha. Yes, I do.
Y: Yes, so I wont do it again.
X: Hahahaha
Y: Don't laugh.
X: Hahahaha. I am not laugh. Sorry. But it's funny. Haha.
Y: No laugh please. You know I am bad at romance.
X: Hahahaha, yes. Really bad. Ok, how if you make something for me?
Y: What?
X: I dunno. You good at techno nah. Not like me. So I wont order you something that I dont understand at all. Haha.
Y: But I am not designer
X: I know, but you know about software much, that's why.
Y: Ok, wait few minutes.
X: You want to go?
Y: No. I will show you.
X: Oh.. haha, okay.

That's a silly conversation. There are people who good at romance, there are also people who really bad at romance. Wise people says: "The distance doesn't matter for sure as long as the communication works properly". Okaaay, but wait! How if because that words during communication itself makes everything goes wrong? Less knowledge about "words" and "language". Powerless at speaking, powerless at writing, and all.
It looks like you need to buy a Bahasa Kalbu dictionary just to translate the meaning of "un-known-words", so you both will understand what are you talking about. You know what "Bahasa Kalbu" means? It looks a kind of "heart-to-heart-talk", haha. Just sitting and looking each other. Let heart talks lot. :p