Sunday, January 26, 2014

For You

Hi, you! You know why I still can't sleep even it's too late? I'm just a little confused, why we are less to understand each other sometimes. Moreover, I don't know why I prefer love to talk with my heart than with my brain. Because usually, I will get hurt in the end when too much talking with heart. While I am always forget that the brain is more realistic.

Hi, you! You know, it's not hard to find me, because I am the sunlight in every morning, and I am representative of every color of the rainbow in your sky. It's depends on your prayer, even then if you spell my name in every paragraph.

Hi, you! Don't keep asking "who" when you really know that the answer will always be "me". Why you should run away? I am always standing by just to see you.

Hi, you! Don't you know actually what is bound by the ring is not finger but heart? You know, I like to peek your life story, because I want to slip my name in the middle of your life, so you will never forget about me.

Hi, you! I still have thousands stock of missed-signs for you, just picking one-by-one like you want, because when it die one, it will grow thousand again. And you know, I still have thousands stock of "forgiveness" for you, but used it well, okay?

Hi, you! I'm a wordsmith, so every letter that I write turn into a puddle of tears. And don't you know when a wordsmith is angry, she’s gonna stab your heart with her sharp rusty words. Remember that. It’s my words against yours.

Hi, you! I hate the fact that I love even all your flaws, but I still love the fact that I still have tears that aint dry just yet. And I love the fact that in every mistakes, as long as we’re still breathing there’s still a chance to fix things up.

Hi, you! I hate the fact that staying constantly strong is harder than just being strong. I honestly hate how ego always fights conscious and logic fights heart.

But you, yes, only you who makes rainy day looks wonderful because you’re around. Only you who makes me smile in the middle of my hectic day, just because I remember your crispy jokes. Only you who makes me sleepless in every night you’re faraway. Only you who makes me blushing in every word "fatty" and "stupid" that you spell for me. Only you who turns all of our favorite songs into memories of you and me.

And yes, I will say it loud and clear, that love is YOU...


-as clear as you call my name-