Thursday, January 16, 2014

Natural Make Up, So Versatile!

Hi ladies, for you who wearing hijab and don't know how to apply natural make up for your daily activities, bellow I write how to apply natural make up routine that can be done in 5 minutes. Natural make up makes your look more elegant. This is it!

  • It starts with preparing a clean face. To clean your face, you can use a foam cleanser, cleanser oil, or cleansing gel. You need to remember, use a cleanser that suits your skin type!
  • For those who have dark circles under the eyes, you can cover it up by using concealer. To flatten concealer, use a brush or your fingers.
  • To reduce the gloss on the face or want to get the matte looks, brush face powder around the nose, under the eyes, forehead with a brush or puff. No need to sweep the powder all over the face.
  • In order for the eyes looks more lively and not looks pale, use earthy eyeshadow with luminous deep brown color. This color looks natural and blends with the color of skin. In order for eye makeup more durable and more attached to eyelid, use a cream eyeshadow. Simply take a little cream eyeshadow and blend in your eyelids.
  • For cheeks and lips, choose soft colors like peach and nude, soft pink. For simple ways, you can use a lip tint for your cheeckbone. Voila! Now, you can find a product innovation to blush at the same time to color your lips, you know!  
  • To beautify your eyes, clamp lashes with eyelash curler and give mascara on the lashes top and bottom.  

    And the result: