Monday, February 10, 2014

#30DaysWriteSomething: Day-10

This been way too long, since I've basked in your glorious sunshine. 
I was left standing there wide-eyed and trembling. 
I was too accustomed to dealing with known quatities.

Too bad I had felt somewhat attracted to you, well, that you who was putting it too mildly. 
I'd been very attracted, and there was no point in denying it. 
But it was mute point for very good reasons. 
I asked my self: "Why do you keep overlooking that simple fact?"

I was still in a place somewhere due only to common courtesy. 
Allowing myself to get a fresh start in the morning for my journey back to the "la-la-la" lands or wherever I now chose to go. 
And the circumstances under which you met me, is not an indication of this woman's true temperament. 
I was understandably upset at that time, that doesn't mean I have a high temper at the time. 
The pleasant memory that prompted it didn't last long, however.

I was so -unnoticeable- which means I was going to have a-ghost-of-a-time to finding somethin.
And here I was kicking out one of the possibilities.
This option was just as bad, however.
And if it persisted much longer, I was going to be forced to do something though I wasn't sure what.

The proper thing to do would be to suffer in silence.
But I simply didn't feel like suffering anymore than I already was.
I had made my point, obviously.
Well, that did it...


-as clear as you call my name-