Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#30DaysWriteSomething: Day-11

There's a silence.
My whole life seems remote and unreal now.
This is where I belong.
Away from madding crowd, having a nice relaxed uncomplicated time.
I feel light with relief, so easy to escape.
I am just sitting, reading the literature, with the smell of toast and chocholate...
Life is simple then.
It's like a sanctuary.
I feel light as if I'm fifteen again, with nothing to worry about, but my homework.
And I haven't even got any of that...
Still, what's done is done. No point whining about it.
A terrible coincidence -but it's not exactly a coincidence, isn't it?
I lie in bed, telling myself to be grown-up and laid-back and not think about it.
But just can resist it...

I'm not an arrogant, self-centered, chauvinistic. But I stand by every words I said.
Maybe I'm blind-panic person, but I feel completely in control when I'm being Miss wordsmith for you.
As my words slowly sink in, I'm a bit dazed.
I'm not genius IQ nor bloody-photographic-memory.
When I speak to you, I'm just speaking brain-not-engaged moments.
I'm not as typical as other maybe..
I'm still wearing that same real-masked expression.
I'm just behave naturally, easy-peasy.
The silence is growing louder and louder, and at last I take a deep breath.
I close my eyes...
As soon as I turn this corner, and wake up to the real world...
My life will be transformed...