Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#30DaysWriteSomething: Day-12

You know what, you're so toxic.
Not toxic in general, only to my creative process.
You're always be my frickinginspiration.
Still, for nothing but always tears that I found.
I always ask to my self: Why it should be you and you again?!
If the answer is: The heart knows when it meets its soul mate.
I say: No, it's not a soul mate, anymore!
It's like a "CRAP" mate.
It's more like it, I am sure that.
That's so cruel, blue, and very hurtful.

If only I used my brain even just for once.
I might be not become the moron one.
Who stood here like a mess.
Who expected unreal hyperbole thing that would never be exist.
Just for my fairly inspirational pyrotechnics in a fantasia-land.
Like a lady in her super-high-caste with pride and arrogance.
But, it's nonsense at all.