Thursday, February 13, 2014

#30DaysWriteSomething: Day-13

Since that day, there was no longer a gambling in me.
I sang the ballads to the wind, to the birds and the morning sun. 

I heard every rhyme as melodic harmony, which even made ​​a bat asleep in the dark night.
I saw every color, not only monochrome, which always colored each skies.
I felt the fresh wind that blow this cold autumn.

Now, in tune with time that goes well.
There are misses like a drowning man loves air.
There are misses like the sun swallowed whole earth.

But one that human always forgot about:

"They never noticed that every morning sun will be replaced by the dusk, as well as fire that will be extinguished by the rainfall, as well as the strong rock that will be brittle with its holes".

As well as the heart....

-as clear as you call my name-