Sunday, February 2, 2014

#30DaysWriteSomething: Day-2


Today you're asking me: Do you remember something this month?.
Ya, of course I remember, this is February. A lovely month for many couples in the world, maybe. A right time for Cupid to do their job for many couples too, as job as make a couple of human fall in love each other. Ya, it's February dear...
You're asking me: Getting closer to 14th, do you know what day is it?
Oh, yes, still 12 days ahead to 14th. It means there are still 288 hours to go, 17280 minutes ahead, and 1036800 seconds to go. Ya, 14th February, it's Friday dear...
You complete my answer: Good.

You're telling me: I am sorry. I can't give you a gift there on that day. If I send you flowers, it will be shrink. If I send you chocolate cake, it will melt getting there.
Why should sorry? You're not cheating on me anyway. I don't want any gift, I only want your faithfulness for me. It's enough more than any gift. It's okay, no sorry dear, no need...

I don't celebrate the 14th February, don't prepare something, don't even remember. Just like normal day. But one sure thing that should you know, I'm celebrate my heart for you every time. I don't need any recognition, just by looking at my eyes, you'll know how much I am happy for that. Just by reading my letters, you'll understand how deep it is.