Thursday, February 6, 2014

#30DaysWriteSomething: Day-6


Today we're talking about Tora, do you remember?
You telling Tora a story, a secret story, and you not allowed him to talk to me. Hmm.. I am curious what is that? You say: I love your owner, she's the best, but promise me you wont tell her. Okay, first, don't seduce Tora, haha.. you know, he is very faithful and submissive to me. And second, are you really sure that Tora wont tell me that secret?

Today I am telling you about Tora, Sasha and Milo, do you remember?
Look Tora when he born, he was just as same as my thumb finger, and now he become about my hand. The other one was Sasha, but she was died because less nutrition. Sad. Last, that fish was Milo, he was died too because jumped from his aquarium. Tragic.

Tora's age about 5 years now. I don't really know properly. You say: Buy gold fish for a pair of memory, gold fish keeps bad things away. I will remind you to give them food etc. But.. I don't like gold fish. You know, I had Arowana and Koi ago. But they died too because I was bad owner. Huff, really.. I can't keep my pets well. I think, Tora is more than enough now. Because tortoise like Tora can alive more than 50 years, I just read from some articles anyway.

I will keep Tora. He always angry if I late to give him feed. You say: Haha, you always feed him late? Very bad owner. And, yes, as always. Omg. Believe it or not I ever let him without food for 3 days because I forgot to buy his food. Then you know what happen? If I take him for bathing, he will scratching me. He also has voice, what, I can't tell you properly but his voice when angry was scary.

I know you don't have pet, because you're only have technology to keep to. But you say: Nope, but I have you as a pet, my blacky, haha. Aaaaah! I am not cat!  I am not cat! :@