Friday, February 7, 2014

#30DaysWriteSomething: Day-7

Today you come with a news, whether it good or bad news, I don't know exactly. But I just want to listen to you in every single day. You say: My presentation was good but coding was not properly done. Though I don't understand what you are saying about, I want to know more.

Today we are talking about complicated things, I know it because of me who made this thing going worst since first... I never calculate any risk for it. We both know, we should talk about it one day, slow or fast. Even we don't want to talk about. Maybe I am the one here among us who can't keep something upon absurd thing. It's just such as great wall... and you know well what that great wall which I mean. But you say: I do believe that we shall overcome it someday. But now, I have to repeat: I cant promise upon absurd thing. If you asking me: Do you have any problems, because I don't have any. Okay, leave it, because it seems like... yes, we need to buy a new dictionary.