Saturday, February 8, 2014

#30DaysWriteSomething: Day-8

Well the minutes and the seconds ticked by..
I've always had a preference for sitting alone..
A wound suddenly appeared at the entrance to my heart.
I've seen enough of this sort of thing..
After the various post-mortems were over I wanted to get away.
I was going all right...
I ran pretty fast into the hell of a strom.
The tail of yours I suppose,
I also suspected the afternoon sun might be setting off more fairly inspirational pyrotechnics in my dark ways..
Maybe I didn't look like the kind of woman who could easily be caught by surprise.
I couldn't be more surprised myself.
And really, what more could you say after that?
I knew the minute I seen you that you was trouble.
I never should have let you stay here.
Unfortunatelly, I didn't do solitude well, instead of getting up more depressed.
My adventures had been a great distraction that had, sadly, come to an end...

-as clear as you call my name-