Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Convo (About "THAT THING" Again)

 * Using Scottish accent

The Man: Ye arrree so kinda heart.*
Me: Haha, please dont flatter at me.
The Man: Nay! Umm ye know, I am serious, sometimeess people see a heart by dat smile upon someone's faccee.*
Me: Everyone could do it.
The Man: Of courrrse! And please do na' take dis wrong way Lady, but ye have beautiful faccee too. Arree therree no' signs from someone for ye?*
Me: Signs? Means?
The Man:  Lady, pleassee... If therree is someone who arrree really take carrree of ye, he will do anything to make ye "see" him. It just that...* 
Me: Possibly, but I dont think he will suspect it.
The Man: Aye! Look dat! Ye sssaid "he"?*
Me: Oh, forget about it. Just an intermezzo.
The Man: Bbb but, ye look like try to expresss youuurr heart. I am cerrtaain dat ye have a feeling for him.
Me: Oh, Sir...skip this topic please.
The Man: Umm, well... Shall we talk seriously dearrr? I have to talk with ye prrivately.
Me: We are
The Man: Listen, ye arree able to find a vedy good man for ye. Find de best person fo ye, na' only by theirrr face orrr theirrr picturrree.*
Me: I am
The Man: Grreaat. Ye know what is de meaning of good, rright? Ye look to be grrowing quite apace of yourrr delicate condition. And I tell ye a favor: ye should na' take this way dearrr.*
Me: Yes, and no. Pardon me, do you think this is wrong way?
The Man: Aye! You arrreee rriight as what ye do. But ye should know dat this is de matterrr of ourrr way of think.*
Me: Oh... Sir, but it is not at the rate that I doubt or what about...about...mercy of God.
The Man: Indeed. I can see it. I can see it. Yourr face are mixture of uncertainty and astonishment. Bbb but ye knnoow ye arrre always a blessing for other too dearr. Do na' forget dat.*
Me: Yes, I have basic understanding about that. Thank you for your way of think for me.
The Man: Dear, ye know what I mean. This is na' such as tutorial for ye. Bbbut I am veddy veddy concern about people arrround me. It just that. Do na' take an offense, please.*
Me: No, of course not. I accepted that opinion on a side.
The Man: Okayy, ye arre soo kinda heart. Take care. I hope ye will find yourrr best soon. Really. I want to see yourrr happiness. GBU.*

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