Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Apple Dreams

You're still worth to stop in my night dreams. Perhaps it's because I don't want to let you go, even if only mirage visualization. Though, you never say one word, just smiles enough. Maybe I am being afraid to interpret, or just a fear that my guess would miss from what I actually want. But you're still worthy to remain in my golden throne at night. Whatever it means. Sometimes God is too good to indulge me with your presence, though only a shadow. Yet, it's not the way of god if it is not filled with all secrets. Like keep your figure--who was never able for me to touch in any real. You never even left the clues to lead me reach you. Do you know, sometimes I admired white shirt, because your shadow. Sometimes I admire the blue shirt, that  because of your shadow too. So did I admire red roses, it was also because of you. 

If only I never had promise, if only you've never had promise. Perhaps I would not get stuck in this shadow. It might you never spoke with the night, but I've always. It might you never be friends with a lonely, but I've always. If we talk about promise, let's say you might have forgotten. But I do not, or maybe not yet. I know God's statutes has lots of mystery, but one day it will be kept. Such similarly with the promise..