Monday, April 7, 2014

The Dutchess Among The Body Guards

Oh Ghost!
This morning was the lazy day ever, I woke up with my stiff bone everywhere. Like a straw which every part of his body twisted each other. A late subuh praying too *forgive me yaa Alloh* :(

But anyway,
Yesterday was my happy time to got along with The Red Antz. We were attend Wowok's wedding together. Yes, that was sooooo delightful momen since last time we got along together. Much fun, much laugh, much stories. Thank God, I felt like The Dutchess with all body guards around me. Lol.
"We will see you at 9 a.m. Be ready!"
Okay, as what as they commanded to me, I prepared my self as hury as I could. I was really familiar with all words that men said if they have waiting a girl to dress up and make up. Enough. I dress up as soon as possible, so that they did not wait too long if they reached home.

But then at 08.54 a.m, I got text from Benny,  
"Sorry Darl, maybe we will be late there... we're just wake up right now :p"
OH-MY-TO-THE-LORD  -__________-

Then at 9.30 a.m, I got text again from Afu,
"I am OTW right now to your home"
Well, I could say that...that I am SO-SO-SO FAMILIAR with that words...'I am OTW', seriously? I knew, it means I had to be patient to wait for them, for unknown time start from that text sent by the sender, fiuuuh...

At 11.30 a.m finally they came and catched me to the venue. About 10 minutes we reached the venue, and omg there has been full with the guest (of course, we were late for one and half hour helloooo). Okay, I checked around and I found many friends from our high school. Wuaaa, it was soooo happy to see them again, with many change of course :)

I could say, it was like reunion after many years we did not meet each other. I met Ucie also, one of my besties when I was at 2nd degree on high school. Ucie told me many things about our gank (whatever you said, gank or just like playmates :p). I arranged event to meet up with them all as soon as possible. Else, many friends who has been married. And of course, there was a-main-sensitive-question like, "When are you will getting married, Ning?" *okay..skip this topic please T,T

Selfie OTW with Afu and Benny, like seriously? :D

I was really lucky to came together with the right 'couple', who else I could join than Afu and Benny (Bass was unable to attend that invitation anyway). Many question too like, "Are you dating with Afu now?". Just because they looked we wore the same jacket color. Hahaha. Of course me and Afu looked and pointed each other by threw a comment: "He/She?". Then we laughed together, stupid thought ever. Maybe noone of our friends knew that me and Afu was cousin :) That's why I prefer to bum him than Benny. But, it was no point on it. I mean, if there was not Afu with us, I still had Bass or Benny for my 'couple' (or it more looked like 'triple dating' ? Lol :D). Whatever. 

When we took picture together with the groom and the bride, I bit shocked by Wowok's college friends. I mean, Sosiatri became one faculty with Communication Science, so I could recognize many friends from Sosiatri too. Omong of them was Irfan and Heri. What a happy day to met them again here. Like captured a memory when we were Fisipol UGM :) 

Then after we attended the wedding, I asked Afu and Benny to seen Bass at his house. I really really missed him too. Two friends joined us, Otong and Penceng (anyway, I really forgot their real name, lol). 

From Bass's house, I prefer to bum Bass, and we talked along the road. God, I excatly felt like 'recycle bin' for them all three guys. Well. Bass told me about his condition and his family. Sometime ago, Benny also told me about his condition and his family. Sometime before too, Afu told me about his family and his condition too. They were really like my-baby-boo guys in that time, lol. I mean, like-a-lucky, if they told their serious problem with me. I was surely think that they did not tell each other about their personal problem. I thought like, "Thank God they 'still' needed me for their 'recycle bin' and I was really happy cause that bit-bop-thing". I didn't know, maybe they could tell everything to me like I was the 'right' person to heard that problem :')

It was nothing so without took picture right? Of course we took selfie with many pose.

The Dutchess among the body guards :p

God, that pose... *you see that? -___-

Selfie time! (anyway, I laughed lot to see this pictures both..side from Bass, else from Otong, their face....hahaha)

We're hangout until evening. Finally, Bass and Afu dropped me home at 5 p.m in common with the rain fell down...In common too with our memories that could not be repeated again after we are getting married later. So, we were enjoy the moment that we had. They have told me like this: "If you're getting married, then we might haven't right person to hangout with us again. And the most important thing, who would listen to us again eh?".

Oh my Dear God Alloh, thank You for blessing me with good people around me. *cheers*