Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Overcoming The Doubt

"If you are serious, then please talk..." 

All right, I’ve confessed that I am going to overcome my doubt. I've tried to believe one minute and next minute which people would not believe. But, I could have lied. I mean, it could be wrong too, as long as I tried to answer many questions on my head. Well, I could say that...that "I am fearful of getting into some-not-assured-thing". Yes, I just need signs, a few sign, just like "Okay, I can or can not get it that way".

Signs (?)
Okay, the signs may be like these:
  • First, I believe in my desire, when I pray, I shall receive it...whatsoever. Because My Lord Alloh has NO limit.
  • Second, I believe if I do my will, it decide what I am going to accept. No matter what.
  • And third, make it CLEAR on your mind. Without a faith, you will not receive the answer. 
*Buuuuuttt, God...that's the matter....HOW TO? Just like, HOW TO make all of it really really clear on my mind??? Fiuuuuhh*

After so much pain, after so much doubt (again), it feels like walk over thousands egg. Therefore, I constantly dig detailed information over everything before. You know, there are things that must be erased from memory, but there are things that should be kept in mind as an alarm for us too. It's not like foster negative-thinking in your head, because you can believe in your heart as the filter too. That's why, God created human with brain and sense.

So, just walk without doubt...