Saturday, May 3, 2014

Promise a "Date" To Friends

Really, it's bit lazy to tell you about this, but as exciting thing, I tell ya a little ... 

It was months ago, I had an appointment for 'a-triple-some-date' actually with two male friends, but because I was very lazy to meet them, it been hampered for some months. Finally, because "promise is still promise", thence I invited them to hang out on Saturday with me. Okaayy *sigh*. Slightly confused, what I should wear, what hijab I should choose, and bla-bla-bla. Hence, my room became mess everywhere *jungle-law, umpteen numbers*. It might be experienced by almost all 'normal' women on this earth, if they would go to formal event as what I faced. But finally, I decided to wear pashmina with simple style, covered with cardigan-motif. Hopefully, my make-up was not too flashy to go to 'a date' :3 And I did not forget to selfie before leaving :d

Happy Saturday ^^