Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sightseeing Ended With Terrible Flu :(

At saturday night, Ut texted to me, she asked me to join her and Eleeya to go to recitation (Majlis Taklim) on Sunday morning. Okay, even though I was menstruating, I went with Ut and Eleeya because it took place not in a mosque anyway. For some reason, the more day three of us often together, the more things brought us getting closer to religious, thank God Alhamdulillah, it means we supported each other in terms of goodness and human values :)

Me and Ut have been friend for long time since we were both still in elementary school, until now. While Eleeya is friend from same recitation (Majlis Taklim) with us. Perhaps one thing that brought three of us getting closer was because each of us are still single, even though Eleeya's age difference 4 years older than us, but we still could share everything. I could say that Eleeya been very mature in her life experiences, as well as her financial. But she still considered that me and Ut are her friend, without feeling herself was over everything from us

Afterwards, me and Ut went release our tired during a week with shopping and sightseeing. When we were at shopping center, we were fight over same stuff that we both like haha (I do not know, maybe due we are close friends, so the matter of stuff taste are same too). In the afternoon, we ate at lesehan food (sitting on the floor) while enjoying atmosphere around. I could not draw what my body felt. But yes, i felt super duper tirrrrrrreeeeeeeed omaitodegawwwwdddd!!! One day before, I told you that I also went to an event with two male friends. Then at saturday night I went to an event due my organization, and that day was compounded by during all day we were hangout together until night. After Isya', I reached home with the body super duper tired though I felt fun inside too :d

Hence, today I got flu badly because body condition which does not fit and for two days were traveling with bad air on the street. Supeeerrrrr!! :(

Me and Ut

How was your weekend everybody? :/