Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Convo: The 'Normal' Sign

Andrew : "When someone hurt us or abuse us or say bad things, you know what to do, Bening"
Me : "What? But I never want hurting people, Ndrew. You know that!"
Andrew : "I know you. You will not hurting them. Just keep that words in your brain"
Me : "What words?"
Andrew : "Did u ever saw that sign? When someone insult you?"
Me : "You want me to do that? No, I never want to hurt people back"
Andrew : "You don't have to say, Bening. Just repeat the words in your brain. I am not saying you to say the words, just keep in your mind. Understand?"
Me : "You taugh me to keep a bad thing in my mind?"
Andrew : "Listen, one of my friend told me this long ago, it will make you mentally strong and if the world is cruel to you, then you can say that words in your mind. Believe me, it works Bening!"
Me : "I never want to judge others"
Andrew : "Me too. I already told you that"
Me : "We can not change what are people thinking about us"
Andrew : "Yes. Let them be happy in their way of thinking. But we, we have the right to be strong too, with our way of thinking. Do you understand?"
Me : "Yes, I know"
Andrew : "It's not enough with knowing. You have to understand. I am very sensitive and protective for you Bening, that's why I am teaching you this"
Me : "And I am never boring to say that words to you Ndrew: THANK YOU SO MUCH. You taugh me everything about life"
Andrew : "I know. And terima something?"
Me : "Haha, terima kasih, Ndrew!"
Andrew : "Yes, terima kasih too. FRIENDSHIP IS UNBREAKBLE BENING. No affairs."
Me : "Ya I always remember"
Andrew : "Thank God, I see you smiling to me today. Good teeth."
Me : "Ndreew..."
Andrew : "Ya"
Me : "Thanks"
Andrew : "Thanks for?"
Me : "You know why I thank to you"
Andrew : "Still I want to know from you"
Me : "Thanks, you always make me laugh"
Andrew : "Welcome. Ask me anything Bening. Any confusion you have in your mind, just ask me"
Me : "Do you want to teach me"
Andrew : "It's ok. Life is a big lesson. I will telling you as much as I can."
Me : "I always remember what you said to me Ndrew"
Andrew : "So kind of you. And I am so much proud of you. Day by day you will be strong. I have to go now. It's 1.35 and you have to eat your lunch too. Take care!"