Friday, June 6, 2014

Brother and Sister Graduation

Happy Graduation dear brotha and sista :)

Hello reader! Waw, it's super duper pleasant moment to come back here again! :d Sorry, I was kind of busy with some work and event. Really. I missed many ideas, many stories which I've should post to you guys on this site. But, don't be worry, promise, in some day I would write more, instead of all stories and ideas that are missed for a month. Anyway, yesterday I went to my brother and sister graduation. Unfortunately, daddy could not along with us to see this wonderful moment. No sad, at least, mom is still with us :)

It was great to picked out a suit and tie that fit to Yostri. His look was very similiar to dad with that suit. As well as Rahma, who are insisted to wear her usual hijab style for the graduation. Then, with bit of force, I told her: "Ssssst, just quiet please. Lemme doing your make up and dressing you up. Then we will see!". I was working on her make up first, then choosing for her the right kebaya and hijab style. After a half hour, voila! The result not really bad, didn't it?

Actually one student may only accompanied by one parent into the graduation venue. Because each of Yostri and Rahma has invitation later, then mom used Yostri's invitation and I used Rahma's invitation to entrance the graduation venue. Bit funny, I have brother and sister who attended the same place and same school year as well. In that graduation ceremony, mom was asked as representative of parents and she gave speech at the podium too. Speech given by mom were stained with applause by whole at graduation venue. More proud, both my brother and sister could get second rank according to their majors class. Yostri got second rank from Science class, while Rahma got second rank from Social class.

Yostri, Rahma and Lintang pose with our maid
Yostri looks like Billy Davidson here anyway :3

Congratulations to both of you dear, I wish you for best luck and best chance always! :)

Lots of love,