Monday, June 23, 2014

Dance in The Rain!

These days, I learned something new from someone again. Someone who I've never even met face to face before. It's true what was Andrew said, "Everyone you've met could be a teacher to you. Only if you responded it wisely. No matter the age or even the job". Have a meet with new people, may increase your knowledge and enrich your mind. Yes, that's exactly true! Like what I've learned from someone, who told me these: 

"Bening 'the dramatic' Rahardjo, kita semua adalah florist bunga realita kehidupan. Apapun realitanya, adalah tugas kita untuk merangkainya menjadi berkah bagi diri sendiri dan orang lain. Semoga peruntungan kamu berubah mulai hari ini dan semoga aku tidak menjadi burung beo yang menyanyikan Indonesia Raya". - HW

English version:

"Bening 'the dramatic' Rahardjo, all of us are florists for reality flowers of life. Whatever the reality is, it is our duty to craft it to be a blessing for ourselves and others. May your fortune changes start from today and I hope I am not just become a parrot that sings Indonesia Raya Anthem". - HW

I knew a good sentence from a song that he gave for me:
"If I don't have all the answers, at least I know I'll take my share of chances. Ain't no use in holdin' on when nothin' stays the same. So I'll let it rain. 'Cause the rain ain't gonna hurt me..."

It's such like my quote: "If it rains on your parade, dance in it" and I've followed that quote for many years. 

My Lord Alloh, I am grateful for all things you gave for me, whoever they are, whatever those are, I's because YOU really love me. Alhamdulillah :)


Bening Rahardjo