Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Elders

Hi people,
On this new post, I wanna share some pictures of my elders.
I found some pictures on our family branches.
Maybe this pictures was taken about 1930 until 1985.
I did retouch some pictures because the color are outdated, etc.
I told you in my previous post ago that my grandpa from mother's line has served as a district mayor for 30 years in our district.
So did with his elders too, almost of them worked as district mayor too.
Grandpa and grandma has 9 children.
He lived in a house, which-so-called-Ndalem Martanan.
You can read my previous post ago to know more about me and my elders.
 Here's the pictures:

They are grandpa and grandma from mother's line. K. Atmomartono and Sudini Atmomartono.
Here was grandpa with my first uncle.

Years ago, woman in Java wear that traditional clothes everyday, the top called 'kebaya kutu-baru' and the bottom called Jarik (it's traditional handmade from Java). They should wear hair bun too.

Grandpa with four children

All family with first uncle's friend

Grandma's children

The city mayor and his wife when visited our district, grandpa on the middle.

This is the first school that established by grandpa at that moment.

Grandpa (third from right) and other district mayor on flag ceremony event

Grandma (third from right) when accompanied grandpa to flag ceremony event.

The district mayor-wife with his staff

While this pictures below is my elders from father's line.
Grandpa is a Dutch descent, but he was born in Indonesia.
Though a Dutch descent, he has 'Javanese name', R. Sundoro Hadiwasito. Grandpa married to two wives. The first one is my grandma, she came from Yogyakarta.
I ever tried to find her house at Plengkung Gading Kidul. But she was died.
In this pictures below there is my grandma, the second wife.

They are grandpa and grandma from father's line. Look at his height here compared with Indonesian average height.
This picture was taken at 1985.
And this is it! Me and my biological-old-brother :D

Okay, see you at my next post! :)